CRDM Speed Dating

On Tuesday, December 7th from 4:45-5:45 six first years and six faculty members took part in the first ever CRDM research interest “speed dating” event. At this event students were encouraged to try out elevator pitches, find common interests for committee formation and research projects, and get job search and campus visit advice from faculty members.

It's a well-known rule of academic speed dating etiquette to cross your arms or fingers while engaging in conversation.

Faculty members brought candy, handouts, business cards, wordles, and a lot of great advice and intellectual resources.

Here are some “sound bites” from the event:

“Sound more positive even if you don’t feel it yet. When you are on a campus visit or interviewing at a conference you need to learn to sound comfortable when talking to almost strangers. Your job is to get them interested in your work. . . . What do you want to do in ten years? Why?” –Interviewing and job search advice from Dr. Hans Kellner

Bells ensure each conversation is well-timed. Hooray for the importance of sound!

“When you are preparing for your third year you have three tasks and none of them can clearly come first. They are all approached through a series of approximations. Decide on your dissertation topic, pick your exam areas, and select members for your committee.” –Advice on the exam and dissertation process from Dr. Carolyn R. Miller


Special thanks to Kati for pulling this all together.

Special thanks to: Dr. Kellner, Dr. Miller, Dr. Wiley, Dr. Swarts, Dr. Kinsella, Dr. Katz, and the first-year cohort for making this event a success!


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