Karla Lyles, ABD

This month it seems like we’ve got so many ABD’s you’d think we’re the American Board of Dermatology  (there are only so many acronyms that work for this lead-in). Cue the good news, this time from Susan Miller-Cochran, Associate Professor and Director of the First-Year Writing Program at NC State:

Please join me in congratulating Karla Lyles, who passed her
preliminary examinations this afternoon.

Karla’s committee chairs are Carolyn Miller and Susan Miller-Cochran,
and her committee members are Adriana de Souza e Silva and Chris Anson.

The working title of Karla’s dissertation is “Remediating Perceptions of
the Basic Writer:  Basic Writers’ Constructions of their Identities
and Agencies through Image and Word.”

Congratulations, Karla!

Well done, Karla, and best of luck as you go from being incredibly busy to being somewhat more incredibly busy. That’s encouraging, right?


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