Christin Phelps, ABD

Good news about preliminary exams keeps rolling in. This time it comes from Dr. Jason Swarts, Associate Director of the CRDM program and Associate Professor of English at NCSU, who tells us that

Earlier this afternoon, after much vigorous and thoroughly engrossing discussion, Christin Phelps passed her preliminary examination and became CRDM’s newest doctoral candidate. Please join me in congratulating her on a job well done.

All that remains now is a dissertation that is currently titled “The human, the machine, and the in-between: The role of context in attributions of artificial intelligence.”

The members of Christin’s committee are Jason Swarts (chair), Carolyn Miller, Jessica Moore, and Michael Young (Computer Science).

Thanks for updating us, Dr. Swarts, and thanks for showing us how it’s done, Soon-To-Be-Dr.-Phelps. You may be slightly less well-known than your distant cousin for now, sure, but remember he’s retiring in 2012 while you’re just getting started.

Check out Christin’s research, teaching, and professional portfolio to see some of her practical web design experience at work.


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