Kathy Oswald, ABD

From Steve Wiley, Interim CRDM Director and Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at NCSU, comes some very good news regarding another 3rd year’s progress in the program:

Please join me in congratulating Kathy Oswald, who passed her preliminary examinations yesterday.

Kathy’s committee chair is Jeremy Packer, and her committee members are Melissa Johnson, Rebecca Walsh, and Steve Wiley.  Kathy’s working dissertation title is Everything Must Go (online)!: “Fire Sale” Logics and the New Infrastructural Ideal.

Congratulations, Kathy, and happy dissertating!

Congrats indeed, Kathy, though may we add that the phrase “happy dissertating” is one part cognitive dissonance and one part oxymoron for most, yet over 9000 parts possible when someone like you takes on something like materiality and fiberoptic infrastructure.

Check out Kathy on Twitter to read her micro-oeuvre and to see how she’s contributing to the Library of Congress.


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