Putting the “Arduino” in “CRDM”

A number of students and several faculty in the CRDM program have formed a group, led by Dr. David Rieder, to learn about and experiment with the Arduino microprocessor board (http://www.arduino.cc). The goal is to explore what electrical and physical computing can offer to expand our understanding of the humanities through various projects undertaken by group members.

1st Year Seth Mulliken makes the pretty lights go on. Hooray physical computing!

While the concept of physical computing may seem daunting to many parties who may be interested but lack programming or electrical engineering expertise, the Arduino is extremely accessible for non-programmers and newcomers to computing, and the Processing language used by the Arduino is very easy to learn. No prior expertise is required to participate!

The group will be meeting in Tompkins 112 every other Saturday, with our next meeting on March 13. For more information, email David Rieder (david_rieder@ncsu.edu).


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