Shayne Pepper, ABD

On Friday, March 5th, Shayne Pepper (2011) became the latest in a slew of 3rd year students to successfully pass the preliminary exams. From Dr. Jeremy Packer, Shayne’s chair and CRDM program director:

I want to extend a congratulatory note to everyone regarding Shayne’s successful completion of his comprehensive examination and defense of his dissertation proposal.  We held his oral examination last Friday and hopefully he had a successful weekend of celebration and recovery.  Shayne now begins in earnest the work of writing his dissertation which is tentatively titled “Negotiating Profit and Public Service: Post-Network Television, HBO, and the AIDS Epidemic.”

I also want to thank the rest of Shayne’s committee for all the work they have put into this process.  They are: Steve Wiley, Maria Pramaggiore, Sarah Sharma (at UNC), and James Hay (at the University of Illinois).

To Dr. Packer’s accolades we’d like to add our own and wish Shayne the best of luck as he turns the final corner toward becoming Dr. Pepper. Congrats, Shayne!

Check out Shayne’s online portfolio to see what else he’s been up to in his time here in the CRDM program.


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