Nick Temple, ABD

Nick Temple (class of 2011) became the second CRDMer this year to successfully pass the preliminary exams. Nick’s committee consisted of Dr. Ken Zagacki (Chair), Dr. Vicki Gallagher, Dr. William Kinsella, and Dr. Carolyn Miller.

Dr. Zagacki praised Nick’s hard work:

He was examined over the areas of rhetorical theory/criticism, environmental communication/rhetoric, and the rhetoric of communication technology. Leading up to the oral, committee members sent Nick a series of questions to his written answers. During the meeting, Nick opened with a brilliant response to these inquires and then went on to articulate thought-provoking answers to additional questions posed by committee members. Many of you may think of Nick as a gentle, somewhat quiet fellow, which in many ways he is. Yet during his oral defense he presented himself in a definitive and assertive manner. I know I speak for the committee members when I say I am very proud of Nick’s impressive performance. Now I look forward to having Nick defend his dissertation prospectus and, ultimately, his dissertation.

Congrats, Nick!



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2 responses to “Nick Temple, ABD

  1. nmtemple

    Thank you!! Both to the congrats and to Dr. Zagacki for the kind comments! 🙂

  2. knmartin

    Way to go Nick!

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