Kelly Martin, ABD

Kelly Martin (2011) became the first CRDMer of the new year to successfully pass her exams. Kelly’s committee included Drs. Carolyn Miller, Mary Davis, Melissa Johnson, and Dr. Victoria Gallagher, Kelly’s chair, who sent this commentary along to all CRDM students afterward:

Please join me in congratulating Kelly Martin on the successful completion of her comprehensive exams.  Her committee agreed that she demonstrated a remarkable breadth of knowledge.  Kelly also received a positive review of her dissertation prospectus.  We are pleased and proud to have another CRDM student move to the dissertation phase of the program.  All best wishes to Kelly.

We’d like to throw in our congratulations to and support for Kelly, who has shouldered more than her fair share of administrative responsibilities over the last three years. Our program would not be where it is today without her energy and leadership. So a heartfelt congrats, Kelly (now get back to work on your dissertation!).

To learn more about Kelly’s teaching and research interests, check out her course website and profile on LinkedIn)


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